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Starter Ring LVL 40

Starter Ring LVL 80

Box of Heaven

Heart of Love

Silver Medal

Gold Medal

Box of Luck

Box of Kundun+1

Box of Kundun+2

Box of Kundun+3

Box of Kundun+4

Box of Kundun+5

Pink Chocolate Box

Red Chocolate Box

Blue Chocolate Box

Blue Ribbon Box

Star of Christmas

Silver Box

Golden Box


Fire Flame Ghost Destructive ogre archer

Destructive ogre soldier Fortune Pouch

White Rabbit Red Dragon

White Wizard Death King

Balrog Demon Lord

Golden Budge Dragon Golden Goblin

Golden Titan Golden Dragon

Golden Lizard King Golden Tantalos

Golden Great Dragon Illusion of Kundun(Quest)

Illusion of Kundun(Invasion) Golden Napin

Mini Kundun Kundun

Nightmare Balgass

Soul Reaper Erohim

Medusa Selupan


Blood Castle 1-3 Blood Castle 4-8

Chaos Castle 1-4 Chaos Castle 5-7

Devias Tournament

Valuable Items

Loch's Feather

Crest of Monarch

Jewel of Guardian

Condor Flame

Garuda Flame


Sphere (Flawless)

Sphere (Elite)

Ancient Items