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The Socket System is a new system that allows you to add extra options to socketed items, making them stronger.
Existing Options For Weapons

DescriptionLevel 4Level 5
(Level type)Attack/Wizardry increase1714
Attack speed increase1011
Maximum attack/Wizardry increase4050
Minimum attack/Wizardry increase3035
Attack/Wizardry increase3035
AG cost decrease4344

DescriptionLevel 4Level 5
Monster destruction for the Life increase54
Monster destruction for the Mana increase54
Skill attack increase5060
Attack rating increase3540
Item durability increase36%38%

DescriptionLevel 4Level 5
Excellent damage increase3040
Excellent damage rate increase13%14%
Critical damage increase4050
Critical damage rate increase11%12%

Существующие опции для Сетов и Щитов

DescriptionLevel 4Level 5
Automatic Life recovery increase1620
Maximum Life increase7%8%
Maximum Mana increase7%8%
Automatic Mana recovery increase2835
Maximum AG increase4050
AG value increase1015

DescriptionLevel 4Level 5
Block rating increase13%14%
Defense increase3942
Shield protection increase20%30%
Damage reduction7%8%
Damage reflection8%9%

DescriptionLevel 4Level 5
Health increase3638

With the correct setting of the 3 options properties described below, they can add you Bonus Socket options for your items.
Bonus Socket
PropertiesOptionSuccess Rate
Fire+Lightning+IceAttack power increase +1130%
Lightning+Ice+FireSkill attack increase +1130%
PropertiesOptionSuccess Rate
Fire+Lightning+IceAttack/Wizardry increase +530%
Lightning+Ice+FireSkill attack increase +1130%
Set Item / Shield
PropertiesOptionSuccess Rate
Water+Earth+WindDefense increase +2430%
Earth+Wind+WaterMaximum Life increase +2930%

By having the following properties in your items, you can unlock additional features.
Socket Package Option
Using all Seed Sphere
Information about combinationsOptionSuccess Rate
Fire 1 + Water 1 + Ice 1 + Wind 1 + Lightning 1 + Earth 1Double damage rate increase +3%100%
Fire 1 + Water 3 + Ice 1 + Wind 3 + Lightning 1 + Earth 2Opponent defensibility ignorance attack 1%100%

Seed is created by NPC Seed Master, who is located in Lorencia at coordinates 126x145.
1. Seed Creation
To create, select the first sub-item Seed Extraction.

If you're lucky, you'll get Seed, which can be of any element. On which both the final option in the thing and the type of thing to which it can be added depend.







2. Seed Sphere Creation
To create, select the first sub-item Seed Spear Assembly.

The higher the rank of the Sphere, the better the options for the item. Seed combined with Sphere creates a Seed Sphere.
If you're lucky, you get a Seed Sphere, the same element as Seed was.

This time you need another NPC - Seed Research, who is also located in the Lorencia location at coordinates 123x144.
3. Adding an option to Socket Items
Select the first sub-item Seed spear application.

Choose a free slot where to insert the option.
To free the Socket from the option (it does not suit you, or you found a Seed of a higher level Sphere), also use the services of NPC Seed Research, only this time we select the second sub-item Seed spear destruction.